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Human Resource Information System

An information system (IS) prevents isolation among organizational components, provides a mechanism to exchange data and ideas over organizational boundaries allowing the chance of taking many perspectives under consideration during decision making and gives coherence and direction to the total organization. An IS allows hunting for shared information and then similar to some other raw material, information can be processed or refined based on a particular plan or application and under specific conditions to create new information. Info is capable of paying back much more than what's been initially paid to obtain it.
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The reusable nature of information suggests another important feature associated with information process is that the sharing of data over a course of time without any decrease in its value and efficacy. The most precious capability of an information system is that it enables information to be accessible from multiple sources which results in creation of knowledge. Additional value as a consequence of information sharing takes place when a particular investment, such as the purchase of a database, an electronic journal or publication, is made; then what is bought is downloaded into a system and made accessible to tens or even hundreds of end users. Until lately IS was only confined to sending mails, statement, news letter, etc. and the idea of incorporating IS in different disciplines of business operation was considered as unrealistic or unnecessary.

During the 1980's a vital issue in the management information systems has been that the developing sophistication of technical information systems inside the traditional functional areas of the business. Individual Resource Information System (HRIS) is one such program, which lately has become crucial for the operations of personnel departments of big companies. During 1986, most organizations were using HRIS for employees function, to facilitate the administrative workload of record keeping and cover government, instead of a forecasting, analytical and decision support system. Reason for this low level usage of HRIS has stem from several reasons like organizational size, culture, strategy, power and politics, and IT abilities However, a fully utilized HRIS can result in managing human resources, particularly for developmental and training functions, planning, controlling, tracking personnel and skill stock.

HRIS is used to obtain, store, manipulate, analyze, retrieve, and distribute pertinent information regarding an organization's human resources. Users, managers, and employees who are unaware of the value-added capacity of the HRIS system neglect in implementation and development of HRIS and so teaching the users is critical. A question arises here that with this much focus on having a technological-based HR system in an organization and also the need for educating workers about it, does that warrant the need by supplying any substantial output signal or in other words value to the organization and its customers? One response to this are available at the decrease in workload of the HR professionals from many routine paper managing jobs, thus relieving them to engage more in tactical decision making. 

Providing access to information via hierarchical structuring and networks is among the most distinct methods of adding to the worth of information. Because of the nature of information systems, data can be used and reused, i.e. its reusable unlike other resources in a company. Another distinctive feature of information process is that there's no degree to which shared information may be used as compared to the investment made into it. In today's world, HR function should change its focus from being more administrative and transactional towards utilizing information technology to exploit the evolution of personnel and boost their functionality.

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