Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Silver Mosaic

Jinyuan mosaic products introduction

We Boluo Jinyuan Mosaic Co.,Ltd. have major mosaic items as below.

1.Mosaic Pattern:

Mosaic pattern possibly a better forecasts is Pixel mosaic which make in mould.We have a huge number of design of the, most of them are from our Jinyuan mosaic designer's idea,so keep first. By the way,the material and color we both can be customized requires,various sorts of mosaic tile -vitreous glass mosaic,crystal mosaic.,foil glass mosaic,gold line mosaic,iridescent glass mosaic,coloured gold mosaic
... for choosing.Also difference colour
-red,orange,yellow,green,blue,violet,magenta,rose,white,black,grey,golden,silver...in gap tone also.It is becoming the major home wall decorative material in world.
Get to know more about Mosaic Tile

2.Mosaic Mural:

Mosaic mural is a luxury artwork for ceiling, wall or many others permanent surface.We have a group of specialist mosaic mural designers who can create different styles of mosaic design works such as Arabic-style mosaic, American-style mosaic, European fashion mosaic cut, Southeast Asian fashion,Austria design... ... mosaic mural, mosaic mural use ice jade mosaic or crystal mosaic or foil glass mosaic as raw material, layout with individuals, scenery, animals,construction or any pictures ,even your own photos. If dimension complicated not as ordinary square or rectangle,pls give correct measurements for drawing make.After confirmed, then we produce around 12-15 days.

3.Gold mosaic:

Our gold mosaic is make by transparent glass with fake gold foil (Leaf) mounted underside.The edge is our golden mosaic tile may use in warm water and outside.We use Ag+ foil together with epoxy resin strong bottom protect,therefore it may be waterproof, anti oxygen,alkali resistance also not simple to fade. By the way,we have SGS evaluation report and patent certificate of this and a few photos of successful projects which could give clients confidence to buying.
Our step won't stop,many create and value mosaic tiles will face to market after carefully test, our clients are mosaic wholesale, mosaic shop, building group,trading company,style hub and personal client ... ...welcome contact us - Jinyuan mosaic for long time collaboration establish. Every order, we hundred percent focus!

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