Monday, 1 February 2016

Ephesus History

Some facts about the Ephesus location
Ephesus is located in selcuk in western turkey. It is 19 km away from Kusadasi. The pamucak beach is 5 km away from this city. The original location of ancient Ephesus started from the coast of the Aegean but now due to the excavations of the archeologist, the shore is now 8 km far from the city. During the roman time period, there was a water channel taken from the sea to the city. It was maintained by the romans but it became useless up till the byzantine period.

The city enjoys a wonderful site and the Ephesus location is nearest to the selcuk city at a driving distance of about an hour. This city was constructed on the river bend and later on it was transformed into a harbor. This harbor was located near the river Cayster on the western Asian coast known as the modern turkey. Ephesus is about six miles away from the Aegean Sea with Smyrna located at the north of the city and to the south is Miletus. The city has gone under five different location and geographical changes with the passage of time. The Ephesus III is the largest of the five locations in area and Apostle John and Paul were familiar of this city. The five different areas of the Ephesus are as follows:

Ephesus I: comprised of Aya Suluk area
Ephesus II: the Artemission area
Ephesus III: base of Mount Koressos
Ephesus IV: located north of Aya Suluk
Ephesus V: the Selcuk area
Ephesus History

The Ephesus location has been changed with time and the harbor was shifted due to the constructions made by man and the changing flow of the nearby river. The population of the city reached to 250,000 during the Ephesus III period. This number of habitants made it probably the fourth largest city of that time. The first three were Rome, Alexandria and Antioch. This city was economically strong during the progress period however the economy is facing a downfall in today’s history. However the city is a visiting place for the tourists and is trying to earn the foreign currency from its most visiting places which are the attractions for the tourists. These locations are visited by the tourists from different countries that come there for research purposes or just for visiting the cultural heritage.

The city also has different land routes which connects Ephesus to other parts of the world. A large number of tourists visit this city by flights and sea routes. The city is an attraction for the tourists who love to explore the historical places. Ephesus is full of many historical buildings which depicts the culture of the ancient people. These buildings are not present in their original conditions but only the ruins are present. The rich heritage of this city make it very important place from historical point of view. The Ephesus location of the wonderful historical city and the nearby beach also gives a plus point in attracting the tourists from all over the world.

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